My Wallace connection begins with Robert Wallace, born in Newbern, North Carolina, in 1814.  Robert migrated to Choctaw County, Alabama, in 1832 where he met and married his first wife, Madeline Hall.  They had three children: Hannah, Elizabeth and Madeline.  Hannah Wallace married John Wesley Drew in June 1859.  In 1873 the Wallaces and Drews migrated from Mobile, Alabama, to Clearwater, Florida.

Wallace > Drew > Nash

Madeline Drew, born 1860 in Mobile, Alabama, and eldest child of John Wesley Drew and Hannah Wallace, married Captain John Parks Nash in Clearwater, Florida, on January 14, 1883.  Their children were:

  • Lynch Monterey Nash, born 1883, married Joseph Walter Collins in 1906 in Alachua County, Florida
  • Fred Ash Nash, born 1885, married Pearl (?) about 1914.
  • Hannah Elizabeth "Bessie" Nash, born 1887, married Pike Lewis Thomas in 1904 in Alachua County, Florida (my line)
  • Nellie Nash, born 1889, married Andrew Frazier Berry in 1908 in Alachua County, Florida
  • John Wesley Nash, born 1893, married Mary Louise Newman in 1929 in Hillsborough County
  • Josie Nash, married Joseph Pope Whittlesey, II, probably in Duval County.


My Life Story by William Wallace
In the summer of 1938, William Wallace, son of Robert Wallace and his second wife, prepared a 10 page narrative of his family history, his migration from Mobile, Alabama, to Clearwater, Florida in 1873, and his life in Clearwater.  He describes the early living conditions and occupations as well as giving names of many of the early settlers he knew.
Wallace Family Tree
The descendants of Robert Wallace of Newbern, North Carolina, born about 1814, who went to Alabama in 1832 and then to Clearwater, Florida in 1873.
Nash Family Tree
The descendants of James and Lenora Nash of North Carolina, born about 1775, who moved to Montgomery County, Georgia and then to Hillsborough (later Pinellas) County in Florida.
Drew Family Tree
The descendants of Newitt Drew and Rebecca Henderson of Monroe County, Alabama, born about 1800, who moved to Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties in Florida.