HALL Marriage Records

Brooks County, Georgia

This information was taken from the Marriage Record Books dated 1859 through April 30, 2007 at the Probate Judge's Office, Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia.

HALL surname marriages only.

There are about 300 marriages listed. These are grouped alphabetically by grooms and brides. The dates shown are the marriage dates and are in month-day-year (M-D-Year) format. The recording information (marriage book and page number) is furnished.

Age, if shown in parentheses, is only in years. No birth dates are listed in the original records.

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HALL Marriages - Brides

BrideGroomMarriage Date:
ADAMS, LolaHALL, Jessee12-11-1915WF-127
ALBRITTON, BertieHALL, Charlie2-3-1900CE-142
ASBELL, Linda (21)HALL, Jody Burris (19)10-5-1973WI-478
ASHLEY, MaryHALL, Jackson T.11-28-1889D-56
BATEMAN, Kristi Dorien (21)HALL, James Maxey II (23)9-8-1990WL-403
BATSON, Ellie (16)HALL, Ray J. (19)1-30-1954WH-236
BECTON, FannieHALL, Steve11-13-1910WE-292
BECTON, MaggieHALL, J. L.3-10-1901WE-89
BESS, Annie (35)HALL, Mathew (49)12-1-1944CI-178
BISHOP, Louise (29)HALL, Buster (29)7-23-1945CI-337
BOXX, Thelma (42)HALL, Walter Lewis (26)10-27-1951WH-325
BRANTLEY, Jeanette (20)HALL, John B. (19)9-19-1963WH-539
BREWTON, Roberta (15)HALL, Sneeds Lee, Jr. (20)1-18-1958CJ-269
BROADUS, EdithHALL, Titus (24)4-13-1946CI-318
BROCK, Irene (27)HALL, John W. (26)11-17-1948WH-48
BROWN, LauraHALL, Bubber8-12-1906F-338
BROWN, Lula Mitchell (27)HALL, Murray (52)2-23-1935CH-471
BUTLER, ElsyHALL, Moses8-7-1886C-251
BYTHWOOD, JaneHALL, Daniel2-28-1901CE-184
CARNEGIE, Annie Ruth (18)HALL, Will (19)2-2-1935CH-454
CASEEN, RoxyHALL, Moses12-29-1912CG-315
CLARK, Henrietta JaneHALL, A. W.9-7-1886C-255
COLLINS, MaryHALL, William11-24-1896CE-45
CONNOR, Aneta Jean (21)HALL, Herman Lawton (20)2-26-1960WH-434
COOK, Katie Mae (18)HALL, Ellis (18)12-29-1929CH-227
COOK, L. L.HALL, Willis, Rev.8-24-1865A-66
COOPER, ChristellHALL, Foster1-18-1931WF-492
COPE, AdalineHALL, C. I.7-1-1868A-320
CROSBY, CarrieHALL, S. H.11-12-1921WE-276
DAVIS, ElbertaHALL, James6-12-1911F-540
DAVIS, IdaHALL, Mathis12-7-1912CG-318
DEAN, Debra Sue (16)HALL, Danny (18)7-17-1970WI-301
DECK, Nancy Lee (21)HALL, Gary Allen (33)4-28-1989WL-355
DEMPS, Theresia (18)HALL, Nathaniel (24)12-4-1948CI-559
DOUGLAS, MilleyHALL, John1-31-1867A-303
DOVER, Willeta (51)HALL, William (42)11-10-1980WK-565
EPKINO, MarieHALL, Charlie12-22-1890D-129
FOZIER, JaneHALL, Willie12-19-1900CE-173
GODFREY, LucyHALL, Thomas8-25-1867A-310
GRAHAM, AmandaHALL, Alf3-20-1907F-360
GRAHAM, CoraHALL, Steve3-26-1899CE-124
GRAY, Frances (23)HALL, David (23)9-15-1946CI-412
GRINER, Laura Reagan (20)HALL, Danny C. (23)8-8-1998WM-64
GORNTO, H. E.HALL, Enoch, Col.11-23-1865A-74
HALL, AddieHALLMAN, Willy10-8-1911F-555
HALL, Alberta (19)ANDERSON, Junius (22)3-21-1953CJ-132
HALL, AliceCOLLINS, Steve1-19-1913WF-83
HALL, AlleyWILSON, James5-10-1873B-40
HALL, Alma (17)RHYM, Wallace (18)5-22-1954CJ-162
HALL, AmyMcKENNY, Charles1-11-1877B-298
HALL, Amy H. (54)JENKINS, R. B., Rev. (74)7-19-1945CI-337
HALL, Anita (24)HALL, Darrell (30)11-30-1979WK-512
HALL, Anna Marie (22)WILLIAMS, Tyrone Powell (27)5-20-1988BL-318
HALL, Annie (50)McGHEE, Don M. (39)11-6-1948WH-45
HALL, Annie, Mrs.HOLTON, W. T.3-26-1924WF-358
HALL, AttaPARKER, R. Guy9-7-1902WE-115
HALL, Barbara Ann (17)WATKINS, Jimmy R. (21)10-10-1967WI-147
HALL, Barbara Gail (52)RIVERS, Paul W., Jr. (46)4-30-2004WO-131
HALL, Bertha Queen (21)ROSE, John Wesley (23)6-8-1930CH-256
HALL, Bessie (25)ROBINSON, Mich, Sr. (62)1-19-1929CH-187
HALL, Betty Ruth (18)SNOW, James C. (24)5-11-1946WG-368
HALL, Beverly Squires (40)ROGERS, William C. (51)5-2-1987WL-281
HALL, BlancheHARRIS, Barton11-19-1936WG-16
HALL, Blanche (19)HARRIS, Cater (33)9-9-1937WG-30
HALL, Bonita Eugenia (18)CHAPPELL, Freddy Lee (25)10-4-1985CL-208
HALL, C. G., Mrs.WINGATE, G. A.1-12-1915WF-111
HALL, CaraWILLIAMS, Dave8-25-1903CE-264
HALL, CharliePIKE, Lewis1-15-1896WE-20
HALL, CharlotteDOWNING, Willie3-9-1886C-225
HALL, Clara B. (38)WILLIAMS, Peter G. (40)8-29-1975WI-565
HALL, Colandra Trinette (27)FRAZIER, Farris (27)11-20-2006BP-164
HALL, Connie Mae (19)WILLIAMS, Horace (26)6-27-1931CH-308
HALL, CoraTHOMAS, S.6-14-1914CG-7
HALL, Corrine (19)PITTMAN, Leroy (18)8-3-1946CI-400
HALL, DaisyDAVIS, Arthur7-29-1922CG-481
HALL, Daisy (21)MOORE, Ed (23)8-28-1928CH-166
HALL, Davie L., Mrs.(35)CONOLY, John H. (30)5-28-1934WF-584
HALL, Deborah (18)GRIFFEN, Dennis (20)10-5-1979CK-503
HALL, Docis Marie (19)BRYANT, John Henry (21)11-21-1948WH-49
HALL, Donna Shamane (21)TAYLOR, Billy Edwin, Jr. (31)4-20-1991WL-425
HALL, Dorothy Ellen (19)SIMPSON, James Norman (28)1-8-1960WH-457
HALL, Dorothy Ellen (58)EDWARDS, Roland Larue (64)12-17-1999WM-106
HALL, ElizaSERMANS, Henry11-27-1869A-179
HALL, Elizabeth (17)HAMPTON, David (25)1-18-1947CI-436
HALL, Elizabeth (23)GRAHAM, Henry H. (44)2-9-1936WF-630
HALL, Elizabeth ThelmaFOLSOM, James Rayford12-15-1925WF-396
HALL, EmilyDATSON, G. W.8-21-1905F-284
HALL, EmmaGUESS, John10-23-1904WE-167
HALL, Emma Lou (22)MERRETT, Charles (21)11-26-1960CJ-347
HALL, Emma Lou (27)CORBETT, Willia B. (30)12-30-1965CJ-473
HALL, Emma Sue (18)CROFT, Vernon David (18)11-20-1949WH-109
HALL, Erma (34)COFFEE, Jay Jule (43)5-31-1947CI-458
HALL, EttaSWAIN, James M.10-10-1895WE-10
HALL, Eula (21)WYNNE, Thomas (24)1-16-1935WF-636
HALL, Eva (18)EDMUNDSON, Henry (22)4-11-1927WF-423
HALL, Gail (21)HALL, John (25)12-8-1971WI-374
HALL, Gail (21)HALL, John H. (25)12-8-1971WI-374
HALL, Georgia (29)THOMAS, Wiley (40)11-13-1934WF-600
HALL, GraceWINTERS, John4-15-1920WF-226
HALL, Hattie (20)REYNOLDS, Frank (18)12-22-1945CI-352
HALL, Hazel, Mrs. (24)WEATHERSBY, John A. (25)10-5-1940WG-165
HALL, Helen Lavoyne (18)REAVES, Dorsie Ray (19)11-26-1965WI-49
HALL, HenriettaDAVIS, Daniel11-29-1894D-413
HALL, Henrietta (19)LATELY, Samel E., Jr. (22)12-27-1948CI-568
HALL, IdaHEWEY, Moses5-8-1890D-94
HALL, IdaWILLIAMS, Joe10-29-1916CG-121
HALL, Ida LeeCAUSEY, Peter8-27-1905F-285
HALL, InezEXUM, Jesse Lee10-29-1922WF-348
HALL, JamiePARAMORE, James2-12-1916CG-90
HALL, JaneMARSHALL, Silas12-25-1878B-329
HALL, JennieHEIRS, Gordon3-27-1898WE-52
HALL, JennieMcCARGER, Doctor5-4-1872A-287
HALL, Jerry (18)BONNER, Bobby (18)8-15-1949WH-99
HALL, JimmieLIVINGSTON, W. A. Esqr.9-13-1866A-97
HALL, JosephinePOOLE, John4-3-1905F-271
HALL, JosieDAVIS, Ash1-26-1924CG-570
HALL, Joyce (18)MERRITT, John B., Jr. (21)6-23-1953WH-219
HALL, Juanita (18)WRIGHT, James (20)7-20-1958CJ-282
HALL, Juanita (22)HAWKINS, Harry Alexander (25)7-24-1943CI-260
HALL, Julia A.THOMAS, Robert B.3-19-1922CG-463
HALL, Julie Mae (19)ALEXANDER, Joe Edward (25)12-27-1966CJ-501
HALL, JuneGAMBRELL, John11-8-1880B-470
HALL, KatieMcCALL, George5-20-1887C-155
HALL, Katie Mae (18)ADAMS, Isadore, Jr. (21)5-20-1949CJ-8
HALL, Kristi B. (37)HYLTON, Jason L. (32)12-9-2006WP-169
HALL, L.LEVERETTE, James11-22-1868A-143
HALL, LauraFIELDER, Joseph2-23-1873B-30
HALL, Laura L.McCARGO, Doctor3-28-1891D-144
HALL, Laura Louise (22)TAYLOR, L. J. (27)8-18-1934WF-591
HALL, Lilliam (17)BLOOM, Henry (20)8-7-1943CI-262
HALL, Lillian (21)WILKINS, John B. (20)10-3-1936CH-534
HALL, LillyWESTERLING, J. J.8-21-1889D-36
HALL, LinaDAVIS, Pope11-4-1899D-55
HALL, Linda Gaskins (41)BARRENTINE, Wesley (29)8-2-1989WL-368
HALL, Linda Ruth (19)MILLIRONS, Otis Edward (21)6-19-1964WH-580
HALL, LiveyJOHNSON, Richard10-30-1870A-204
HALL, LocaHIRES, Gordon10-17-1901WE-100
HALL, Lois Christine (19)JONES, Lee Clyde (20)8-24-1941WG-196
HALL, LolaSINGLETON, I. H.12-22-1887C-378
HALL, Lola H. (53)McEADY, Frank B. (47)10-14-1970CK-57
HALL, LorenaHARDY, John2-11-1910F-484
HALL, LorenaHIERS, E. N.1-12-1902WE-106
HALL, LorenaMcQUEEN, Bethel12-27-1916CG-136
HALL, Loretta (20)GIBBS, James (22)10-15-1951CJ-94
HALL, Louise (25)PIERCE, Robert (28)7-4-1942WG-223
HALL, Lucilla (28)JOHNSON, John (32)5-19-1980CK-538
HALL, Lula B. (18)COOK, Chandler (23)7-5-1941CI-158
HALL, Lula Mae (28)DEMPS, Gerald L., Sr. (28)7-22-1995BL-573
HALL, Maggie (18)FUDGE, James (21)10-7-1961CJ-365
HALL, Maggie Mae (22)LAND, Russell (26)9-26-1928WF-453
HALL, Maloney (19)LINDER, Scott Lester (20)12-27-1932CH-362
HALL, MamieHALL, George7-16-1905F-283
HALL, MamieHALL, George7-16-1905F-282
HALL, Mamie (25)THOMPSON, Charles W. (25)12-18-1935WF-627
HALL, Margaret Ellen (19)ROBERSON, Richard Melvin (23)4-24-1949WH-80
HALL, Marilyn (18)LEU, Russell (22)1-28-1956WH-297
HALL, MarthaBALUM, Dennie3-20-1889D-19
HALL, MaryPUCKETT, E. D.12-22-1921WF-308
HALL, Mary Agnes (18)HANNER, Roy Quincy (18)9-15-1945WG-309
HALL, Mary Spencer (58)SIRMANS, Elihue K. (65)3-15-1945CI-325
HALL, Mary Sue (18)FERRELL, Cordell F., Jr. (18)11-24-1956WH-327
HALL, MattiePARRISH, Henry F.1-16-1910WE-282
HALL, MattieSOLOMAN, Talt10-7-1918CG-246
HALL, Mattie Belle (18)SNOW, J. T. (21)7-6-1930WF-512
HALL, Mattie Lee (18)LONG, Early H. (43)4-20-1931WF-496
HALL, Melba Jean (18)MAURER, Fredrick J. (19)5-1-1957WH-341
HALL, Minie (23)MELORY, William (38)3-25-1925CH-560
HALL, NancyHARRELL, William F.12-11-1877B-261
HALL, OpheliaALDERMAN, Thomas8-24-1902WE-114
HALL, Peggy Parker (47)ROWLAND, Virgil Lee (53)6-2-1991WL-429
HALL, PinkieGARRISON, Chilley12-24-1901CE-210
HALL, PriscillaMEDLOCK, Samuel4-30-1890D-95
HALL, RebeccaGRIFFIN, Lein D.(see note)A-78
HALL, RebeccaGUESS, Willie2-8-1905F-273
HALL, Rebecca Suzanne (19)MORRIS, Joshua James (30)11-28-2005WP-33
HALL, Rhonda Lynn (28)HALL, Steve Bokine10-17-1993WL-509
HALL, Rhonda Lynn (28)HALL, Steve Bokine (44)10-17-1993WL-509
HALL, Roberta (17)EDMONDSON, Turner (21)8-20-1936WG-4
HALL, RosaJOHNSON, Charles5-10-1901CE-177
HALL, Rosa Lee (20)TAYLOR, Jim (23)10-20-1934WF-598
HALL, Rosa Lee (21)FRAZIER, Aaron (21)9-27-1931CH-317
HALL, RoxieWATTS, Lane3-8-1908F-396
HALL, Ruby Lee (24)COPPAGE, C. C. (40)12-22-1934WF-603
HALL, SalinaRAINES, Alex12-30-1914CG-31
HALL, SallieSCRUGGS, William12-30-1891D-206
HALL, Sallie (55)BENNEFIELD, Glenn M. (55)10-18-1982WL-64
HALL, Sallie B. (31)BUTLER, Harland (32)3-29-1939WG-104
HALL, Sallie, Mrs.RAINEY, Berrien9-18-1871A-244
HALL, Sandra Bratcher (41)CASTILLO, Jose Angel (30)3-31-2006WHP-80
HALL, SarahCHERRY, Paul11-27-1869A-214
HALL, Sarah Caroline (47)WILLIAMS, Jack Taylor (53)11-22-1945WG-324
HALL, Sarah Jean (17)SIMPSON, William J. (18)6-10-1977WK-331
HALL, Scarlett Rose (20)MOORE, Raymnd C. (30)9-21-2001WN-42
HALL, Shanna Lee (18)BEATY, Mitchell Robert (21)10-27-1978WK-448
HALL, Shawna Lee (21)CLARK, Curtis Virgil, Sr. (30)4-15-1982WL-34
HALL, Shawonnica La Tiawanne (24)HIGHTOWER, John Phillip (28)9-11-1998BM-66
HALL, Sherry Lynn (17)SAPP, Walter Allen (25)8-3-1975WI-561
HALL, Sherry Lynn (22)DUPINE, Frank C. (23)4-27-1980WK-537
HALL, Shirley A. (20)MOORE, Juan (26)9-11-1975CK-236
HALL, Shirley Temple (29)GIBBS, William Samuel (62)8-26-1966WI-89
HALL, Suester (18)HALZENDORFF, Chillie (23)8-28-1935CH-464
HALL, SusanLEWIS, James1-11-1888CE-88
HALL, Tonia Aline (21)WHEELER, Joseph Harris (26)5-27-1988WL-319
HALL, Tonin Aline (24)DENMAN, Robert Earl (31)6-1-1991WL-430
HALL, Vennie Lee (19)ROUNDTREE, Ray (21)8-25-1934WF-592
HALL, Vera Nell (18)GANAC, Pete G., Jr. (21)8-19-1950WH-133
HALL, ViolaCOVINGTON, Hamp7-20-1907F-371
HALL, ViolaMITCHELL, Peter12-22-1904F-254
HALL, Willie EstellFOLSOM, Fleming B.12-22-1912WF-58
HANCOCK, Shannon Jeanene (31)HALL, Charles Dwayne (35)2-1-2002WN-56
HARRIS, Ethel (25)HALL, John Lee (23)11-20-1965CJ-471
HART, JewellHALL, Clifford3-25-1923WF-321
HAYNES, Felisa Gail (36)HALL, Marlon Leonard (34)3-16-2007BP-202
HENDERSON, GeorgiaHALL, King7-4-1891D-165
HERRING, Lora Mae (23)HALL, Enoch Harold (34)10-12-1952WH-198
HIERS, Loverige HenriettaHALL, Henry1-2-1898WE-47
HILL, Esther LouviniaHALL, James Maxie8-5-1933WF-557
HIRES, GussieHALL, Enoch12-30-1900WE-89
HIRES, Mary ElizabethHALL, Warren9-10-1871A-278
HIRES, SerinaHALL, William1-4-1870A-199
HOLMES, RebeccaHALL, Thomas10-16-1903CE-274
HOOKER, LillyHALL, J. A.12-20-1919CG-321
HUNTER, Katherine Ann (25)HALL, Robert Lee (41)9-23-1988BL-335
INGRAM, BeulaHALL, John1-1-1905F-260
INMAN, HannahHALL, Franklin12-18-1879B-392
JACKSON, EdieHALL, Levi9-20-1886C-249
JAMES, Eddie Mae (23)HALL, Tommie Lee (26)8-1-1970CK-45
JOHNSON, Katherine (15)HALL, Louis (18)6-7-1947CI-459
JOHNSON, Lizzie (38)HALL, Will (42)9-22-1947CI-483
JOHNSON, Lois (19)HALL, Raymond (19)8-26-1958WH-384
KELLY, Judith Ann (31)HALL, Richard E. (23)8-3-1975WI-561
KING, Jurlene J. (19)HALL, Arthur L. (20)6-5-1971CK-82
KIRKLAND, Betty (18)HALL, Reginald Talmadge (21)8-23-1952WH-193
LANE, Mary EvaHALL, Henry Horace7-18-1926WF-400
LINDSEY, Dora GraceHALL, Barney Morris1-31-1936WF-629
LITTLE, ZellorHALL, Jack10-7-1928CH-172
LONG, CatherineHALL, J. H., Jr.4-15-1935WF-610
MANNING, Essie Mae (25)HALL, Arthur (27)11-14-1936CH-540
McCRACKIN, Norma Jean (18)HALL, Larry wayne (21)10-16-1957WH-356
McGUIRE, RivanaHALL, Henry H.6-15-1896WE-28
McKUHEN, Pattie Nell (19)HALL, Jack (25)3-18-1955WH-270
McQUAY, Sallie Mae (14)HALL, Cubia (23)4-17-1971CK-76
MILLER, ElizabethHALL, Charlie11-15-1919CG-294
MILLER, Mathis (33)HALL, Arthur (41)11-14-1964CJ-444
MITCHELL, Jessie S.HALL, W. W.10-23-1892D-271
MITCHELL, MattieHALL, Will12-10-1905F-297
MITCHELL, Rosa Lee (49)HALL, John Lee (49)12-23-1990BL-417
MOBLEY, EmmaHALL, William10-27-1880B-481
MOBLEY, MarthaHALL, Richard11-26-1880B-469
MOORE, Wanda G. (45)HALL, Billy Franklin (50)11-22-2000WM-137
MOSS, Eva H. (42)HALL, Norman (79)9-13-1971CK-98
NICHOLS, FronieHALL, Simeon1-7-1904WE-143
OWENS, Ruby Mae (17)HALL, Darrel Lannis (18)7-14-1968WI-181
PARKER, Frances Elizabeth (21)HALL, Walter H., Jr. (21)10-3-1948WH-40
PEAK, Maggie Mae (18)HALL, Enoch (29)8-28-1948CI-546
PHILLIPS, JuliaHALL, B. G.3-25-1866A-85
PONDER, AddieHALL, Steve10-15-1907F-387
PRYOR, Cora Lee (18)HALL, Ralph (24)11-8-1934CH-437
RAMSEY, MaleciaHALL, Tony6-1-1911F-538
RAMSEY, Mary P.HALL, J. H.2-14-1894D-367
RIZER, Angela Maria (21)HALL, Gary Alan (23)7-27-1979WK-493
ROBINSON, Sue Davis (25)HALL, Enoch Harold (38)5-26-1957WH-343
ROGERS, HavillaHALL, D. L.5-21-1898WE-53
ROSS, Phoebie (26)HALL, Noble (37)12-25-1938CI-48
ROUNDTREE, Mattie E.HALL, Robert B.12-22-1921CG-448
SCOTT, PearlHALL, John9-1-1918WF-190
SELLARS, SusieHALL, George11-20-1921CG-443
SHIVER, SallieHALL, E. H.1-8-1908F-3
SIMMONS, CarrieHALL, Tom1-7-1921CG-401
SINGLETON, Arneita RuthHALL, James W.12-27-1922CG-497
SLATER, Charlie MaeHALL, Napoleon6-11-1922CG-476
SLOAN, Louvenia (22)HALL, Junior C. (21)10-11-1958CJ-288
SMITH, Ines (30)HALL, Eugene (32)7-3-1965CJ-460
SMITHIE, Brenda L. (25)HALL, Glenn A. (30)12-10-1976WK-297
SNEED, RhodaHALL, Charley7-22-1906F-333
SNOW, Leslie K. (37)HALL, James Maxey II (36)1-3-2004WO-70
SPENCER, Mary E.HALL, J. A. 11-11-1921CG-445
STROUD, AnnieHALL, Thomas12-24-1890D-130
TAYLOR, Inez (49)HALL, Roy M. (57)6-5-1971WI-345
TETRAULT, Vivian Penny (27)HALL, Russell A. (29)4-25-1947WG-478
THOMAS, AliceHALL, A. H., Rev.1-5-1924CG-567
THOMAS, Doris (19)HALL, Everitt (28)10-11-1936WG-15
TONSIE, Johnnie Mae (15)HALL, Brown, Jr. (20)2-21-1957CJ-249
TOUCHTON, Easter L.HALL, Rufus C.12-8-1929WF-500
VENSON, JosieHALL, Charlie12-25-1898CE-112
VICK, Mary Michelle (22)HALL, Thomas Waylon (22)12-20-2002WN-95
WADE, MaudHALL, Arthur4-28-1937WG-33
WALKER, Lula Mae (21)HALL, Eric Bryan (19)5-7-1988BL-318
WALKER, VirginiaHALL, Thomas10-15-1905F-291
WELLS, Mary Joann (20)HALL, Larry Wayne, Jr. (22)5-8-1982WL-39
WESLEY, Bertha L. (18)HALL, Willie (20)5-2-1970CK-35
WILLIAMS, MarthaHALL, Gus12-27-1918CG-238
WILLIAMS, Rhodia (21)HALL, Charlie, Jr. (24)2-11-1950CJ-47
WILSON, Crystal E. (23)HALL, Charles Terrell (25)11-7-1987WL-302
YOUNG, NeddaHALL, Stephen1-11-1869A-331
ZEIGLER, Essie Mae (27)HALL, Brown (30)10-27-1938CI-40

1. Rebecca Hall - Lein Griffin: The marriage license was issued January 16, 1866, but no marriage date was entered. However, Rebecca Hall Griffin (1842 - 1908) is buried in the Hall Family Cemetery (Click here) in Morven, Brooks County, Georgia. Click here to return to the record.